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Willow Tree

Love You Too (Darker skin tone)

Love You Too (Darker skin tone)

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Love You Too (Dark)

Sentiment - ...a little reminder

Figurine of young boy kneeling on a rock, holding “love you” in his hands is a sweet, thoughtful, daily reminder of love. A gift for Mother’s or Father’s Day, graduation, or moving away from home… for parents, grandparents, teachers.

  • Dimensions: 4.5" / 11.5cm H
Whether initiated or answered, “love you”, “love you too” becomes an automatic call/response with our children, especially to end phone conversations, texts or visits. It’s that little affirmation that says so much; an informal stand-in for other emotional expressions, such as “I know you’re always there for me” and “thank you”.  ~ Susan Lordi


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